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The largest cybercriminal network this decade, Avalanche, has now been dismantled

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After eight years of its existence, Avalanche Botnet has now been dismantled in a 4-year-long international operation.

On 30 November, German prosecutors and police – working hand in hand with the Department of Justice and the FBI in the U.S., the EU’s law enforcement agency and other global partners – managed to disembody the international criminal network involved in phishing attacks, bank fraud, and ransomware for years around the world.
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Cyber-attackers may leak data instead of just encrypting it!


There is a new threat of cybersecurity on the horizon, as cyber-attackers aren’t just encrypting data for ransoms, but may threaten to publish it for ransom payments, security experts warn.

From the sharp rise of cyber-attacks in recent years, internet users have learned to be wary. However, this has been met with the vicious growth of various techniques of cyber-attacks, which are becoming smarter and smarter. This new tactic will be sure to scare some in to paying up!
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Cisco reportedly failed to protect users’ data following system maintenance

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Cisco Systems, a renowned leader in IT, has admitted that one of its websites has leaked their users’ personal details.

It goes to show that even the big IT companies can find it impossible to keep personal data 100 per cent secure. You could argue that it’s particularly embarrassing for Cisco, as the company reportedly prides itself on its security.

It’s a stark reminder about just how vulnerable our personal data continues to be!
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Over 1 million Google accounts reportedly hacked

According to recent reports, cyber-hackers have had access to over one million Google accounts since August.

The cyber-hackers had unauthorised access to the accounts by installing malware software onto Android devices, therefore infecting Google accounts.

Very scary stuff!
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Cyber-attack in East Yorkshire caused customers to be without internet for four days

U.K. telecom provider KCOM Group has blamed cyber-attackers for causing customers to be without internet over a period of four days recently.

Some customers report that they’re still having difficulties accessing the internet, which reportedly caused over a thousand customers to be disconnected from the internet.

The telecom provider said the root of the issue was down to cyber-attackers accessing customers’ broadband routers.
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26,500 National Lottery accounts feared to have been breached

Camelot – the operators of the National Lottery – have recently released a statement to notify users that there has been suspicious activity on some online accounts.

Some 26,500 National Lottery accounts are feared to have been accessed, although Camelot were quick to assure users that there hasn’t been any ‘unauthorised access’ to the core National Lottery systems.
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“The Northamptonshire PCC data breach” – Adam Simmonds is charged for disclosing confidential information

A former Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC), Adam Simmonds, is charged and due to be on trial next year for breaching data protection provisions.

Mr Simmonds is accused of unlawfully disclosing information about a Wellingborough MP, Peter Bone, during his time in office from 2012 to 2016. There’s little clarification as to what information was disclosed, but the documents were classified as confidential, according to reports.
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ICO fines two employees for a data breach when they used personal data wrongfully

cyber-attacks on UK councils

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has prosecuted two employees, Lesley Severs and Kayleigh Billington, who worked at a claims management company. They both had access to data that was reportedly illegally obtained from another company, to go on to use the personal data to make calls to insurers.

The personal data in question included information about policy holders and their recent or historic road traffic accidents. The personal data would’ve no doubt included names, addresses, vehicle identification numbers, dates of birth, and so on.
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“Three are losing customer trust” – Three mobile customers aren’t happy following the data breach

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Following on from Three’s data breach, Three’s mobile customers aren’t happy… me included.

Three has had a lot of difficulty in ascertaining the exact amount of customers that were affected by the recent data breach. They’ve confirmed that hundreds of thousands out of their ten million customers could be affected though, so we’re talking big numbers here.
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“Adobe’s $1 million fine” – Adobe Systems has been fined for the security breach in 2013

Adobe Systems has now been fined $1 million for the data breach that occurred in 2013.

Initially, it was believed that 38 million accounts were breached, but the total was then decreased to around half a million.

That’s still a heck of a lot of breaches though!
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