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Compensation for Newegg data leak victims

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You can claim compensation as a victim of the Newegg data leak. This was a preventable breach in our view, and we can represent you for a legal case.

If you have been affected by the leak that took place between 14th August 2018 and 18th September 2018, we can help if you’re based in England or Wales. This was a ‘digital skim’ attack in the same style as the British Airways and Ticketmaster attacks we’re representing victims for. The same hackers are understood to be behind all three attacks.

In our view, the Newegg data leak was preventable. That’s why we ‘reoffering No Win, No Fee representation for eligible victims

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Newegg data breach compensation advice

Flagship Group cyberattack

We’re launching legal action for Newegg data breach compensation. The tech company has been hit with a malware injection that’s believed to have been skimming payment card data for over a month.

Yesterday, Newegg announced that they’d discovered malware on one of their servers, and that a number of their customers may be at risk from their payment card data being exposed. Newegg are said to be contacting affected customers, and anyone in England and Wales who has been affected can contact us for help.

The full extent of the data breach has yet to be revealed, but we’re launching our Newegg data breach compensation action immediately given the nature of the breach.

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