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July 07, 2021

Ticketmaster data group action

In June 2018, Ticketmaster revealed that a security incident had affected its website, causing the personal information of customers to be exposed. Discovered on 23rd June, the information was exposed due to the actions of an external hacker, but questions were raised regarding how far the incident had been caused by Ticketmaster’s own alleged negligence. We began taking on claims soon after the breach was announced, and we are now running our Ticketmaster data group action to ensure that those affected can receive the compensation that they deserve.

The breach has potentially demonstrated how insufficient cybersecurity could be responsible for mass information exposure. Thousands of customers had sensitive payment details exposed as a result of what we understand to be a system vulnerability, so we believe that Ticketmaster must answer for what has happened.

If you have been affected by this data breach, you can contact our team to find out if you have a compensation claim to make.

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data breaches identified by
September 14, 2020

Data breaches identified by third parties – what this means for victims

For data breaches identified by third parties, what does this mean for the victim or victims, and what questions do we need to ask as part of a case?

Many of those that we represent are involved in cases and actions where the breach itself was revealed by someone other than the organisation that has committed the breach. In those sorts of cases, there are questions to be asked about how this is the case.

As a leading firm of data breach compensation lawyers, we may be able to help you.

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Virgin Media group action data breach
June 23, 2020

Ticketmaster data breach compensation action

On the second anniversary of the launch of our Ticketmaster data breach compensation action, we wanted to remind people that it’s not too late to start your No Win, No Fee case.

This data breach was one of the first major ones to hit the headlines in the wake of the GDPR coming into force just weeks before. When news of the breach was announced, we were immediately contacted by concerned victims and we agreed to take legal cases forward. In July 2018, just weeks after news of the breach came to light, we launched our formal action and sent our Letter of Claim to Ticketmaster.

Plenty has happened since we launched our legal action two years ago. If you have yet to join our action, you should do so as soon as you can.

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November 21, 2018

The Ticketmaster data breach UK action

The Ticketmaster data breach UK legal action has been well underway for a number of months now. If you’ve yet to join and need more info, speak to us today.

As soon as the news of the Ticketmaster data breach hit the press, we launched our legal action for justice. We now act for a group of victims claiming for data breach compensation. We consider that the prospects of winning the legal action are good, which is why we’re offering No Win, No Fee representation.

The Ticketmaster data breach was an avoidable incident that has left a huge number of victims suffering. Our lawyers are fighting for justice right now.

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data breach compensation for card skimming
November 13, 2018

Card replacements after Ticketmaster and British Airways data breach

Lloyds Banking Group have announced that card replacement are being issued to customers affected by the Ticketmaster and British Airways data breaches.

The Data Leak Lawyers – representing victims in over 20 different data breach actions – are fighting for the rights of victims in both these breaches. The news that Lloyds is issuing replacement cards after the data breaches comes as no surprise. With victims of both data breach incidents at immediate risk of fraud, people need protection.

There’s so much more victims can do in terms of justice for both breaches. We launched our group actions for both the British Airways data breach and the Ticketmaster data breach as soon as news broke of the incidents.

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cyber attack
August 31, 2018

Ticketmaster cyber attack may just be the beginning

The recent Ticketmaster cyber attack we’ve launched an action for may just be the beginning as hackers are reportedly ready to attack again.

The Ticketmaster cyber attack was successful because the hackers were able to install malicious code into third-party software that Ticketmaster were using as part of their payment process. Inbenta, the authors of the code, say they didn’t know Ticketmaster were using their code for this purpose, and had they have known, they say they would have recommended against it on the grounds of security issues.

The growing trend of hackers looking to attack third-party code means the huge Ticketmaster cyber attack may well be just the beginning.

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executive charged
August 17, 2018

Ticketmaster UK data breach just the tip of the iceberg

The massive Ticketmaster UK data breach from June appears to be just the tip of the iceberg as part of a wider cyberattack campaign.

According to security researchers, the software that was hacked that led to the Ticketmaster data breach was one of many targeted and successfully hacked as part of a wider campaign to access the payment information for tens of thousands of people at a time across the world. This does not fill anyone who uses online payment platforms with a great deal of confidence, and given the scale of the online industry, how can we know for sure that we’re ever safe?

We’re representing a number of victims of the Ticketmaster UK data breach who are claiming compensation having had their information compromised.

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claims folder
August 10, 2018

Is there a Ticketmaster GDPR fine on the horizon?

Are we going to see a Ticketmaster GDPR fine given that at least some victims of their data breach had their information exposed after the May 2018 legislation change?

There are a few thing to look at when considering which legislation will apply; i.e. the old or the new. The breach actually spans across the deadline because some information in this breach was exposed both before and after the GDPR legislation came into force.

So, which will apply? Will the test be that the information was initially exposed before the deadline, meaning the old rules apply, or are we saying that the data being exposed after the deadline means GDPR will apply?

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executive charged
July 06, 2018

Ticketmaster data protection scandal not an isolated incident

As we continue to take on cases for victims of the Ticketmaster data protection scandal, we can tell you that this is not an isolated incident.

In the same month that the news of the massive – and very preventable – Ticketmaster data protection scandal hit the press, there was also another ticketing service that had suffered a huge data protection breach as well.

Ticket distribution service, Ticketfly, was temporarily crippled after a data protection breach that involved some 26 million users. read more

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Have I Been Pwned
July 03, 2018

Accusations deepen over failures to stop Ticketmaster data leak

The accusations have deepened over alleged failures to stop the Ticketmaster data leak, as more information is revealed by the bank that warned of the leak months before the incident was reportedly discovered.

UK challenger bank, Monzo, say that they warned Ticketmaster about a number of suspicious transactions back in April – two months before the Ticketmaster data leak was allegedly discovered – with trends that indicated a data breach involving Ticketmaster.

We’re already acting for a number of victims of the Ticketmaster data leak incident who have asked us to help them fight for their rights to justice. This new revelations are concerning.

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